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Glass Signage

Glass is an excellent medium to display printed images and can be mounted in a variety of ways to produce an eyecatching decorative feature,

Glass multi panel display 1 <br/>A striking example of a multi panel display panel on toughened glass. The company who commissioned this glass mounted image of the Burj Khalifa wanted to make a statement about the very high-end furnishings they supply for this very prestigious building in Dubai. The image was electronically 'tiled' and then digitally printed and applied to the back of the glass, resulting in a beautiful high gloss finish. 
This example is mounted on stainless steel 'stand-off' locators to give the panels a 3D effect.
Visitors to this office cannot fail to be impressed with it’s quality.
Glass multi panel display 2 <br/>Here's another view of the same panel showing it's location on the stairwell. 
It makes for an impressive display which is hard to miss....
Directory Sign <br/>A very eye catching directory sign at the entrance to the lifts in a prestigious office block.

Toughened glass for safety with the design applied in etched glass with the tenant text able to be updated as required.

Mounted onto stainless steel stand-off locators to fit in with the light fittings and lift doors.
Polished Acrylic <br/>High resolution digital print applied to the reverse of a clear acrylic sheet mounted onto stainless steel decorative locators.

Strikingly clear image that is encapsulated behind acrylic and so very easy to keep clean.
Heavy Glass <br/>Here's an example of a glass panel sign made from 10mm thick toughened glass. The graphics are applied to the rear as normal but the five blue circles are applied to the face and are domed to give a 3D effect.
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